Spindrift: Bloodline to End in Season 3

It has been confirmed that Bloodline will be ending in Season 3.

This has been a great series, but I’m glad this choice was made. If they really wanted to I’m sure that they could drag this show on a couple more seasons, but I think now is a good time to end. I enjoyed the second season, but the finale was very disappointing for me. It felt like none of the storylines wrapped up. The show just went for the easy cliffhanger. The season finale of the first season was good because it wrapped up storylines, but also teased new ones.

Hopefully the end of the series will be satisfying. I have high hopes. I was very impressed with the acting this season, and how interesting it continued to be. I didn’t think there was much left to work with after the first season, but I was surprised. Hopefully that continues in Season 3.

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