Spindrift: The Magnificent Seven

Apparently, if you’re going to make a modern western movie the title has to be an adjective followed by a number, preferably between five and ten. Well, we have another one of those westerns, and it’s called The Magnificent Seven. It’s a remake of the original Magnificent Seven, which itself is a remake of a movie called the Seven Samurai. I hadn’t seen either of these movies prior to the new Magnificent Seven.

I think that the director, Antoine Fuqua, is great at what he does. One of my favorite movies of his was Southpaw. I really appreciate his versatility. He did a great job with the action sequences for The Magnificent Seven. They were probably the strongest point of the movie. I also appreciated how diverse the characters were. They all had their own distinct personalities, and came from different backgrounds. I found myself liking every character for different reasons.

Although the plot is nothing new, in fact you’ve probably seen it many times before, it’s done well. The runtime was just about over two hours and I was entertained the whole time. I feel like this movie should have come out in the summer with the other block busters, but somehow managed to slip into September. Hopefully this movie succeeds and paves the way towards having more westerns come out in the future.

If you’re a fan of westerns, or just action movies in general, check it out. Thanks for reading.