Spindrift: Who Should Replace Captain America in the MCU?

Many people (including myself) are under the impression that Captain America will die in Avengers: Infinity War.

In the comics, both Bucky Barnes and Falcon have replaced Steve Rogers as Captain America. Now that we have both of them in the MCU, the question of who replaces him is intriguing. Personally, I think Falcon would make the more interesting Captain America.

First of all, flying is more interesting than one metal arm and Winter Soldier also doesn’t have a great track record. From a social standpoint, it would also be great to have a black Captain America. I’m not opposed to Bucky taking the role over either, but from where his storyline was left, his taking over seems unlikely.

We know that Sebastian Stan had a 9 movie contract with Marvel, but we don’t have specifics on Anthony Mackie. He has made it clear that it’s a lot though, so there’s a real possibility for both of them. It seems entirely likely that either or them could take the role.

Who would you prefer? Thanks for reading.

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  1. Yo! Jordan, great stuff.
    I am hopefully they have Falcon become Cap, and Bucky play a strong support to him, to kind of, help him become a better Cap.

    I think Shaw and Mackie have a really good chemistry, as it is. I just see Mackie as a stronger lead actor, and his character has a stronger position to be a lead role, as well. He isn’t a former villain, and all.

    Love your writing, as usual! Keep it coming!

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