Spindrift: Thoughts on Season 7 of The Walking Dead

I recently published an article about my choice to try watching The Walking Dead again. Overall I think it’s a very entertaining series, but i was disappointed in it’s last season. Season 7 is the first season of The Walking Dead that I watched live on TV. At the end of the midseason finale I was very hopeful for the season. I figured the first half of the season was going to be a setup for the second half, but what I saw in the second half was just more setup for the next season. On it’s own the finale was entertaining, but as the end of the season, it felt very underwhelming. There was so much set up for so little to happen. The stakes seemed like they were going to be high, but then plummeted. There also seemed to be a lack of surprises throughout the season. Season 7 started out being risky and shocking, and ended up playing it safe. Everything seemed predictable and formulaic. What I will say in defense of Season 7 is that it has by far the best villain of the series, even his henchman are super entertaining. As far as I can tell Season 8 will be what I expected season 7 to be, and that will hopefully be great. What did you think of season 7 of The Walking dead?

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  1. My exact thoughts!

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