Why I Don’t Care About Critics (and Neither Should You)

Resnik here! Long time no see. This dad stuff is crazy awesome, and frustrating, and fun, and stress-inducing! TOTALLY WORTH IT!

I got something to say, though, that has nothing to do with my awesome kid.

Ever since a guy told his friend, “hey, that was crap, don’t do what I did,” we have been trying to convince others with our own experiences.

This evolved into looking at things and judging them before experiencing things, because we have learned to formulate opinions. Sometimes, they aren’t even our own.

It’s called influence, and we have been practicing it upon one another since we were monkeys (if you believe in that thing).

There is a perk to it: sometimes the experience of others comes from wisdom learned.

There is a big exploit of it: sometimes we listen to others and lose out, because they are jaded by their own opinions, and we prevent ourselves pleasures and experiences that may be wonderful for ourselves, even when not so from the advising party.

What the fuck does this have to do with me, you ask?

Think about it. Critics. Rotten Tomatoes. Yahoo Films, Google Movies, IMDB, and the lot, are all spreading their influence upon us, and we eat it up.

How do we avoid becoming jaded?

We just need to try things for ourselves.

Why in the fuck do I mean?

Well, if I listened to every critic about Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, I wouldn’t have seen it.

I just watched the Ultimate Edition, having restrained myself from theatrical viewing (not for any reason other than shifted financial priorities, diapers and formula are expensive!).

I loved it.

It was a fantastic film.

The critics hated it.

Fuck ‘em. I experienced it myself and I don’t agree. As a comic reading fan, I formulated my own opinion, and shared it with those I care for, and many agree, while a few disagree.

That’s a human interaction.

If you take critics so seriously that you deprive yourself from wonderful experiences, you are doomed to boredom.

Take it from me, a guy who has done a TON of stupid shit, but has some amazing life experiences to share about all of it.

I have survived all my mistakes, to tell you today, there is nothing wrong with living life for the experience.

Don’t be fooled. Caution only matters in terms of health and finance. Try life out. You never know, you may love skydiving.