Spindrift: Pete’s Dragon – A Remake Done Well

Although I wasn’t alive when it came out, Pete’s Dragon was one of my favorite childhood movies. I watched it countless times. When I heard that the Disney classic was getting a reboot, I was pretty thrilled. I wanted to see a more modern version of the tale. The idea of a boy and a dragon being best friends was always a cool idea to me. I walked out of the theatre very happy about what I saw. It shared enough elements with the original that it felt like it was respecting its source material, but was unique enough to be it’s own movie.

The CGI for Elliot was incredible. His face seemed very human and really allowed the audience to feel for him. They also made Elliot’s mannerisms seen very similar to a dog’s, which became very relatable to anyone who has ever had a pet dog.

What I found really surprising was the amount of emotion in this movie. You’ll more likely than not find yourself falling for these characters. The acting is very solid and the child actors also did well. I can’t imagine it being easy to pretend there’s a massive green dragon in front of you when you’re a kid on camera.

I would really like to see remakes going in this direction in the future. Make the movie more modern and don’t be afraid to take risks. It may as well be a unique movie. No one wants to watch the same thing over again. This movie really set my expectations high for Beauty and the Beast. I’ve also heard that the director of Pete’s Dragon will be doing a Peter Pan movie which is great news considering the bad reviews Pan got.

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  1. Nice review Jordan! Also great to go back and remember these story lines from your childhood.

  2. Chris gaylor | August 16, 2016 at 11:20 AM |

    I am so proud of the writer you have worked so hard to be! To think there was a time you did not like to write and now you write things like this! Amazing! You make me so proud Jordan !

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