Welcome to the Second Year!

It’s been a year, one of them, since the official launch of DocPalindrome.com.

In that time, we have said goodbye to Mr. Goldshaw and hello to Resnik, Alize Edeline, and Dr. Ellsworth Zirman. I’ve launched a mere handful of articles; way fewer than I would have hoped; and a mere handful of Doc Palindrome Podcast episodes; way fewer than I would have hoped; and helped produce dozens of episodes of podcasting for Exxilista, Red-Trunker Radio, and NAB Comedy Podcast. I’ve launched two brand-new podcasts in MCU & Me and, of course, 1st Episode Spotlight; where we focus on premiering a brand-new podcast with every episode so as to enable those who are interested in trying out podcasting a forum to do just that.

When I started this site, my goal was to create a safe place where creative people can offer opinions, ideas, and commentary on anything about which they are a geek. I continue to encourage this kind of discourse and I am confident that we will be adding some great articles in the coming months. In addition, new podcasting opportunities and some brand new video content is in various stages of the planning phases, so cool stuff, all around.

One of the things I have discovered is that resources for developing this content have been more limited than I expected. For this purpose, we’ve set up a Patreon page that all fans can donate a measly buck a month to. Yup, for less than the cost of a half-caf latte, you can make a real difference for those of us working our tails off to bring you great content and, in point of fact, guarantee that great content will be forthcoming! Check out the link:

DocPalindrome.com Patreon Page

As we move forward, I want to invite anyone out there on the fence about writing a thing, to reach out so we can, together, figure out a way to make your voice heard. This site, after all, is all about you. It’s all about what you want, who you are, and, of course, what you are into.

And remember: ‘Be creative! Make a thing!’