Spindrift: Are We Paying Attention to the Right Things?

Every once in a while I wonder how we can build sports stadiums that cost millions of dollars and, at the same time, have children laying in the dirt, starving.

Do people not notice? Not care? That probably depends on who you’re talking about. So, is it wrong to build these stadiums? No, not always. I’m certainly not against entertainment, but spreading resources could also be beneficial. The Superbowl is coming up and you know what that means: Every family is going to buy five bags of chips, eat half of them, and throw the rest away while little kids in third world countries are wearing Seahawks Superbowl 49 t-shirts and getting killed by their governments or wildlife.

We have homeless veterans and at the same time are making million dollar movies about them. How does that work? I can find soldiers who certainly fought over 13 Hours that are sleeping on the street.

There’s certainly value in entertainment and art weather it be through a theme or just to escape for a while. That being said we should not put so much value on entertainment over our fellow human beings. For every movie that is made, homeless or low income people should be employed. Give some of the movie’s earnings back into the community in which it was filmed.

Leaving a like on Facebook or sharing a post isn’t really doing much, guys. We have the solutions to many problems. Sometimes the government just doesn’t want to fund them because it won’t make them money, but I’m getting off topic, and that’s an article for another day.

Instead of making the seventh action movie in the series because you need that 10 car garage attached to your mansion, spend some money trying to help people start a decent life. Be your own action hero.

I’m not anti-entertainment I’m just anti-wasteful spending. You can treat yourself to neat gadgets, just not every neat gadget. Be more aware.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Many people care.. some care about others… some care only about themselves.. and sometimes they fall somewhere in between in either direction. As Rodney Dangerfield said in Back to School, “This guy really cares. About what I don’t know.”

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