Spindrift: Get Started!

I really couldn’t think of a topic that I felt like talking about this week so I’m going to try something new out. I wanted to talk about something that crosses my mind every once in a while. Why do people spend more time complaining about things and talking about what they hope happens rather than just doing something?

I don’t think people realize the power that they actually have, sometimes. Instead of talking about how terrible something is, why not do something to change it? Any goal you may have or change you want to see, can happen. Determination, strategy, and consistency can go so far and simply can’t be stopped. Procrastination is like a sickness that everyone is born with. It’s much easier to sit for half an hour scrolling through Facebook (and there’s nothing wrong with that), but why not spend even half of that time planning ahead or working on your career. I don’t want to sound like Shia Lebouf here but if you want something to happen just do it.

Start as quick as possible because the one thing that’s going to separate you and the person going for the same job is experience. I’m 16 and I could have spent the last few months partying and fucking around outside of 711, but instead I’ve been making connections with people in the entertainment industry and working on perfecting my craft. I’m not trying to make myself sound like some kind of God among teens, I’m just trying to point out something I’ve noticed. We are given so many opportunities in life and it’s truly a shame that some people let them pass by. Entrepreneur Tai Lopez says “success comes to those who hustle when they wait” and I find that very true. We spend so much time waiting around in lines and lobbies. Instead of picking up a magazine on a rack next to you and reading the “99 tips to make your man go crazy in bed” or about some celebrities 5th divorce pull out a pen and notebook and strategize and plan.

Be the change that you want to see and start to and continue to work at your goals and everything will fall into place.

Thanks for reading.