Starman – Remembering David Bowie

Resnik here…

I’m sad.

I just found out about David Bowie’s passing. I’m a bit shocked, so it hasn’t fully set in yet, but I know I am full of a deep sadness. I was born in the April of 1985, so Bowie was my Elvis and John Lennon rolled into one, as both of them died before I was born. I have loved his music since I was in diapers. I remember my Dad gave me a CD compilation of his greatest songs. I have owned many of his albums, and this makes them even more precious to me.

Starman was at the top of the list, as well as Space Oddity.

I remember his sultry sex appeal in Let’s Dance and China Girl.

His heavier rock slammed my senses with songs like Suffragette City and Rebel Rebel.

I danced and jived to Young Americans and Golden Years.

I sat in wonder of the power of The Man Who Sold the World.

Modern Love spoke to me about the world of religion (I understood it much more in my teenage years).

I felt like he wanted better for us, in Heroes.

He wrote songs of Pablo Picasso, the passions of his heart, and world hunger. He made fashion, and held fame in the palm of his hand. He loved beautiful people, collaborated with enormous stars, and he remained unchanged and beautiful by time.

There was a time when the only album I wanted to hear was The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust.

He out-shined some of the brightest movie stars, and Rockers just didn’t seem to hold a candle to how rocking he was. With ease, he held our hearts, and moved our feet.

Mr. Bowie, I remember you with fondness and gratitude. You have given so much wonderful music to the world, and I cannot thank you, enough.

It’s with great sadness, we will look to the stars, and hope you are looking down on us…

Hopefully, we have more than 5 years left to continue to treasure the legacy of music you have left us.