Spindrift: Avatar vs. Force Awakens – Who Deserves the Box Office Throne?

Star Wars, Episode VII: The Force Awakens just passed James Cameron’s Avatar in the United States but it’s still more than a billion dollars behind worldwide. Will Star Wars pass Avatar? Probably. Do I think it deserves to? Not necessarily.

When Avatar came out it was a sensation. Millions of people flocked to the theatres to enter the world of Pandora. The visuals were of a caliber that we had never seen before. There is a pretty split consensus on whether or not Avatar was actually a good movie or not though. There were those who found Avatar as a masterpiece in cinema and those who found it as a copy and pasted version of Dances with Wolves and Pocahontas. I’ve always agreed with the masterpiece side. Complaining that Avatar is similar to other movies is just stupid. Everything is derivative of something that came before it. Hell, Star Wars was heavily inspired by Flash Gordon and it probably was going to be a Flash Gordon movie if George Lucas had gotten the rights.

Avatar was also the first in its series. The Force Awakens is the seventh movie and it already had a ginormous following. Not to mention the countless books, videogames, and extreme merchandising. They had apples with the Star Wars logo on the plastic…APPLES. I’ve never seen so much advertising for one thing in my entire life. Overall I just think that Avatar is a better movie. I loved Star Wars, but Avatar is on a whole different level for me. It is one of my biggest inspirations along with the Lord of the Rings films. Avatar isn’t just a pretty action movie. There are deep layers involved that teach lessons relative to the world we live in now. James Cameron has said that the script was written for Avatar years and years before he directed the movie because technology had not caught up yet. James Cameron’ patience paid off. He also said that he was inspired by a dream that his mom had, and his movie certainly turned out like a dream.

Although I realize I’m probably in the minority with this opinion I truly do hope Avatar remains the biggest movie worldwide. I loved both movies, but to me Avatar is the superior in almost every way. If you disagree I’d be interested in hearing why in the comments.

Thanks for reading.