How Resnik Wants his Geek Cinema…

Resnik here.

So, to the comic geek, Iron Man was no surprise to be made a masterpiece. He is a founding Avenger with a rich history and excellent stories to take from. I wouldn’t exactly consider him as popular as Batman, though. The enormous success from a character that had very little mainstream media power was stunning to comic fans, and rejoiced.

It gave hope that some mad genius would give us Guardians of the Galaxy, and maybe more Cosmic Marvel. We got the cast for Avengers. We eventually got Ant-Man (and believe me, that’s a big deal, as most people who have been reading Marvel for decades, kind of hate the guys who have been in that suit). We are going to see Captain Marvel (presumed to be Carol Danvers, not Mar-Vell). We are being treated with some comic characters to those who read comics, not just watch weekend cartoons.

Sure, Sony and Fox are turning the gears and grinding out more films that I have very little interest in seeing. We also have DC whipping the backs of their people to put out enormous blockbusters based on their BIG title characters.

Who would believe that the deep cuts like Drax and Groot would be the ones to steal our hearts, though? I am salivating at the thought of seeing Adam Warlock out of his cocoon (last seen as an Easter egg in the Collector’s collection in Guardians). Wouldn’t mind seeing Nova and Phyla-Vell, or any of the other amazing cosmics, including Quasar, or Guardian alumni Mantis!

If it hasn’t been proven yet, the wild cards can produce quite a lot of fun! Especially when you combine creative casting with talented writing.

Also, movies are not necessarily the best format to tell these epic tales. The Netflix series, Daredevil, is an incredibly well executed story format of the hero and his origin and first victory over Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin of crime, and arch nemesis of Daredevil. We were given some shocks and changes, of course, per creative licensing. It sucked seeing such loved characters meet their fates (sorry, didn’t warn about the spoiler, but I’m being vague). It was even sweeter to see our hero rise up from that pain, though.

Give us more. I, like many of my fellow comic geek friends, am tired of X-Men movies and Spider-man origin stories. I want a Hawk and Dove film. Heck, a movie about Booster Gold would be fun, too!

Oh, and Marvel, you do have something to learn from DC. Give us FEARSOME foes. You have given us heroes we love, but we need villains with that sort of power, too. Reading the comics, I can give you some hints. The Wrecking Crew. Humans with Asgardian power. The Masters of Evil. Heck, give us Wonder-Man, in full on steroid rage mode, beating up heroes. But make us proud of your villains.

I know who the Joker is. We all do. We all know who Zod is. Even Lex Luthor. They are Epic villains. Why did Ultron, in all his angst and hate, not feel like a real threat? Why did the heroes seem like the win was promised? Sure, the fights are fun, and seeing Klaw get lasered was awesome, but we knew that this was going to end well. You didn’t scare us with his evil. It was the drama of the human side of things that seemed the real threat.

Not like Zod, where in Man of Steel, he was a real wild card. I couldn’t predict how it was going to end! The ending shocked me! And I loved it that much more! Sure, I bitched for months about Superman and killing, but the story was so well done. They made it feel like it hurt.

I love a twist. Something that comes around the corner, you didn’t see it coming, but rewards you with a solid mark of a story. Daredevil on Netflix did this. Wow, did it. Marvel has been daring with the cinematic stories, especially with the execution of how characters come and go. Except the damn villains.

I can go on and on how we need more menacing foes. I feel like I made my point though. You can’t expect a villain to be epic with so little screen time.

I want to see Ted Cord, Blue Beetle, on the big screen, with Booster Gold, getting punched in the face by an awesome and menacing villain!

These are what I want, of course. I have seen many people agree with me. Also, love how the MCU is in the live action TV series as well. It’s all connected. That’s appreciated.
DC has their Multiverse. I mean, they flat out don’t need it all to be connected, because they acknowledge that, by their books, the multiverse exists. They can have many Green arrow and Flash. Which, is very DC.

I conclude with: more deep cuts, keep up the good writing, but give me villains I can look at and know this is going to be hell! Give me fear for the Hero’s life!