Spindrift: The Edge of Seventeen, Reviewed by Someone on the Edge of Seventeen

I thought it would be interesting if I gave my thoughts on The Edge of Seventeen considering I’m quite literally on “The edge of 17”. From what I saw, this movie had fantastic reviews.

This isn’t really my kind of movie, but I’ll watch pretty much anything, so I gave it a shot. Overall I enjoyed it. The characters were interesting, the comedy was great, and they didn’t try to censor how high schoolers act, which I appreciated. Although I could understand character motivations I didn’t really directly relate to anyone. That being said the movie did a good job at representing different types of teenagers without being super stereotypical. The plot was a bit predictable, but still well done and enjoyable to watch. Hailee Steinfeld did an amazing job and solidified herself as a great actor. I could see her getting nominated for best actress this year in the Oscars. Woody Harrelson also did a great job of bringing comedy in. He may have been a bit unrealistic, but his character was extremely entertaining.

Overall this was a really enjoyable movie, and definitely one of the better in its genre.

Thanks for reading.