Spindrift: Will War for the Planet of the Apes be the Final movie in the series?

[Editor’s Note: This is late. This is late because of reasons, but definitely not because Jordan submitted it late. We will back log like this a couple of times over the next couple weeks and then life will return to relative normal. We appreciate your patience.]

The trailer for the new Planet of the Apes movie, War for the Planet of the Apes, came out, and of course it was amazing. But it got me thinking, will this be the final movie in this Planet of the Apes series?

To me the first two movies always felt as if they were a part of a trilogy, but maybe there could be more. With all of these cinematic universes starting up and series being drawn out, is it really that hard to believe that Planet of the Apes won’t become one of them? This movie is obviously setting out to end the war between humans and apes, so is it possible that we see an all ape movie?

As far as I can tell from what I’ve read, a decision hasn’t been made on whether or not this is the last one. So there could be more movies, but maybe the more important question is, should there be more movies? I’m not sure there’s really an answer. If a fourth was made and it ended up being bad people would say “they should have left it at three” but if a fourth instalment succeeds people might praise it and hope for more. There’s no easy answer. I’d love more ape movies, as long as they’re being made with passion and creativity, not just to make money. Do you think there will be any more movies?

Let me know. Thanks for reading!