Spindrift: Suicide Squad will be getting an extended cut.

Finally, we got an announcement that Suicide Squad would have an extended edition. I had a very strong feeling that this would happen especially since we got one from Batman V Superman.

Hopefully moving forward DC releases these cuts in the theatre to begin with. I’ve also read that this will be an unrated version of the movie, so hopefully it will carry a bit of a darker tone. Apparently it only adds 13 minutes of footage, which may not seem like a lot, but can actually make a big difference. I’m guessing we’ll have more Joker scenes that focus on Harley Quinn’s transformation along with some scenes that give more context to the story. There also may be more enchantress scenes to better explain her character and motives. Overall I don’t think that this will have a massive effect on the movie, but I think it will be great for fans. Thanks for reading.