Spindrift: One More Step

With Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel coming out, DC and Marvel have decided to give the movies female directors.

Wonder Woman will be the first movie that has a female director that was given a 100-million-dollar budget. This is great news, but there’s one more step to reach equality, or at least equality as far as female directors go.

Letting a female director take on a female superhero is great, but I’ll be truly impressed when a female director is given a male story. That will show that the studio’s have full trust that the female directors can take on any story, not just female driven ones.

Now, studios shouldn’t hire female directors just because they’re women, they should hire whoever is best for the job. That being said, I’m pretty sure with all of the Marvel movies that have come out, there had to have been at least one woman who could’ve done the job. The same thing goes for race. It’s amazing that Ryan Coogler is directing Black Panther, but I almost think it’s more impressive that Rick Famuyima is directing the Flash. What it seems like is that studios are saying “sure woman can direct movie, but only based on female characters” and “sure black guys can direct movies, but only those based on black superheroes”.

But hey, that’s just my opinion. Thanks for reading.