Spindrift: Suicide Squad – Mess or Masterpiece?

I’ve been looking forward to suicide squad for a very long time. Now that I had a chance to see it I can tell you weather the critics were right, or to go see it yourself. This movie is not all good and definitely not all bad.

I’ll start with the negatives.

The plot is relatively generic. You’ve probably seen something like this mission before in a different movie. The villain also isn’t particularly interesting. I won’t go into much detail on who the villain is due to spoilers. I just didn’t think they were quite on par. It just felt like something was missing and I can’t quite explain what it is. But none of these flaws were big enough to ruin the movie. It definitely seems like there were some scenes cut from the movie and if you look back at the trailers you can see some of the cut scenes. With an extend cut most of these problems can be greatly improved on.

Now let’s talk about the good.

The characters were close to, if not, perfect. There are obviously tiers of characters that get fleshed out more than others. For example, you’re going to see a lot of backstory on characters like Dead Shot and Harley Quinn, but not too much on characters like Captain Boomerang and Killer Croc. I can let that slide though because of how many characters there are. This movie had a lot to handle and it did it pretty well. The soundtrack is also used in a really cool way to move scenes along. The movie also has some unique editing in the very beginning when the characters were being introduced which gave the movie more flavor.

Now let’s talk about the Joker.

I loved him.

There isn’t quite enough footage to truly compare him to someone like Heath Ledger. He was unique and his relationship with Harley is what really sets him apart. I can’t wait to see what he does in the future.
Overall the movie did have some flaws but there is a good movie in here. Definitely go see it. Hopefully we get an extended version that can really clean up some of the flaws.

Thanks for reading.