Spindrift: Stranger Things – A Great, New Series!

Netflix has been known to create fantastic originals for a long time now. Shows like Bloodline and Orange is the New Black have spawned from Netflix. Well, I’m happy to say there’s a new original on Netflix that has now become one of my favorite shows. In fact, it’s just one of my favorite things created for entertainment.

What I’m talking about is the show Stranger Things. If you’ve ever seen the movie, Super 8, it’s kind of like that if it were a TV show. If you’re a fan of sci-fi you’ll love this show, and if you aren’t you’ll probably still love this show. It has some of the best child actors I’ve ever seen and some outstanding acting from the adults as well. I can almost guarantee you that if you watch this show you’ll at least relate to one of the characters.

I really don’t want to explain what the plot is about because it would be much better to experience with little knowledge of the show. After I watched the first trailer I avoided watching anything else and it paid off. Just be prepared for elements of sci-fi, horror, comedy, and possible feelings of nostalgia. Everything from the acting to the soundtrack of this show is great and it will leave you satisfied at the end while at the same time wanting more. Just do yourself a favor and watch the show.

Thanks for reading.