Spindrift: Will Dead Pool Change the Ratings of Future Superhero Movies?

Deadpool has been experiencing massive success even with it’s R rating.

It’s one of the most original comic book movies recently and has plenty to offer to more mature audiences.

There has been much talk that superhero movies will be less afraid of having an R-rating in the future because of Dead Pool’s success in the Box Office.

I don’t think however, that most superhero movies are going to transition to an R-rating. Although an audience will still be drawn to an R-rated movie many parents won’t take their children. This could lead to a decrease in toy sales. Also not every superhero movie really needs an R-rating. Although it’s always fun to see a really gory superhero movie it doesn’t always fit. For Deadpool, an R-rating was essential. It wouldn’t be a true Deadpool movie if it had been PG-13.

That being said, it isn’t always necessary to see a hero like Captain America perform a mortal kombat fatality on his enemies. I’m certainly not anti-R-rating I just don’t find it essential to every comic book movie. I can definitely predict that there will be an increase in R-rated comic book movies, there have already been rumors that the next Wolverine movie will be rated R, but I don’t see a company like Marvel rolling out a bunch of R-rated blockbusters.

I can imagine DC going down that road though.

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