Spindrift: Movie trailers – The Good and the Bad

Everyone with a computer, phone, or TV watches movie trailers weather you seek them out, or simply come across them as ads. Some people live for movie trailers and others refuse to watch them so that they can avoid spoilers.

I’m the kind of person who will actively search for movie trailer and then re-watch them twenty times over the next week or two. My dad is the complete opposite. He might watch a movie trailer once but never again. He’ll go as far as too look away from the screen at a movie theatre if he thinks the movie looks really good.

So are movie trailers good or bad?

I think it comes down to the reason that you enjoy movies. I love being a part of the film community and discussing movies before they come out and speculating where as someone like my dad just likes to watch a movie and be completely surprised. Some movie trailers are poorly made and spoil key plot points just to get people into the seats.

So what constitutes a good movie trailer?

That’s debatable. In my eyes it’s a trailer that gives you enough information to be intrigued but not let you know exactly how the story is going to play out. When I’m a director I’ll probably only use footage from the first half of my movie in the trailer. That just makes sense to me.

The problem sometimes is that you don’t know weather or not a trailer is spoiling something big. Let’s take Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, for example. Some people will say that that trailer spoiled the movie. But we don’t really know when Doomsday comes into the movie and what his effect will be [Or if it is Doomsday. The origin of the character appears to be more akin to that of Bizarro – Editor]. Is he the only villain? We may not know until we’ve seen the movie. Some people will say that Batman and Superman’s coming together was obvious. I mean it is called Batman V Superman: DAWN OF JUSTICE.

Did you really not think that the Justice League would begin to form?

At the end of the day someone’s enjoyment of movie trailers really comes down to preference. Which kind of movie trailer are you? Tell me in the comments.

Thanks for reading.