Star Wars: The Force Awakens from a Slightly Different Perspective

Before I go into my thoughts on Episode VII I’ll tell you a brief history of my experience of Star Wars. Because I’m much younger than the other writers on my website, I wasn’t able to experience the original trilogy in theaters and I was born the year that Phantom Menace came out, thus, I have less of an attachment to Star Wars as some of my fellow writers. That being said, I’ve been able to appreciate the series and respect what it’s done for cinema. As a kid I always enjoyed playing with the toys more than anything. As I grew older my appreciation for the series grew seeing what it had accomplished. If you read some of my previous articles you would know that I had massive anticipation for this movie. When I first left the theatre I had a range of emotions from happiness to disappointment. The disappointment was really just a craving for more but once I understood that this was the first movie in a trilogy I understood why not everything was explained as much as I had hoped. I really enjoyed the blending of the new characters and the old. What this movie did extremely well was giving every audience member something to get excited about or someone to relate to.

I had the chance to see the movie twice and actually enjoyed it more the second time through. It’s interesting seeing the foreshadowing and smaller details hidden in the movie. I would go into a full review of the movie but do I really need to? Everyone is going to see it anyway. So here’s my review:

The movie was amazing go see it.

I wanted to talk about the impact that I think Star Wars is going to have on the new generations. I saw little boy wearing a BB-8 sweatshirt and it hit me that this is going to be the big series that a lot of kids are going to grow up with. Instead of Luke they’ll have Rey and instead of Darth Vader they’ll have Kylo Ren. This may also get kids watching older movies with their parents. It’ll be interesting to see who ends up buying more action figures, four year olds or forty year olds.

From this point on I’m going to discuss spoilers.

One of the things that I noticed during the second watch was that every time Kylo Ren was shown there was blue and red light reflecting off of his mask/face, but when he kills Han Solo his face only reflects red. Although this may be an unpopular opinion I think that Kylo Ren is a more interesting character than Darth Vader. The thing that intrigues me the most about him is his struggle to stay away from the light side. We’ve never seen this aspect before. Over all I thought that these were some of the most interesting Star Wars characters that we’ve ever had.

Overall I loved Star Wars and im really looking forward to seeing where the series goes. I have to agree with Resnik…this is my favorite Star Wars.