Spindrift: Pranks and Blacklists

A lot of interesting things have happened this week and the one that really caught my attention was the most recent prank done by YouTuber, Sam Pepper. If you haven’t seen the video it was basically a prank where two best friends were captured and one of them (who wasn’t in on the prank) thought that his friend was shot in the head right next to him while he was tied down in a chair. I’m sure that it has crossed many people’s minds that this prank was fake, but if that was the truth then this kid should get a fucking Oscar. The video is not funny in the slightest and it’s actually pretty disgusting. I can’t imagine putting any of my friends, or anyone period, in that position just for a prank. This also isn’t the first time that Sam Pepper has gotten huge backlash for his pranks.

A while ago, many people thought that a prank of his was going into the territory of sexual harassment. Since that prank, there has been an interview with Sam and the best friends in the prank and the friend who was pranked didn’t seem to care what had happened. Some people have gone as far as to create a petition to get Sam’s channel taken off of YouTube. I’m not sure whether or not I agree with this petition. Although I don’t think that Sam should get any of the money made from the video. This prank could have seriously traumatized someone and just seems morally wrong.

When I first viewed the video it had over 100k dislikes and rightfully so. I’m just glad to see that people are smart enough to see that doing something like this and labeling it as a “prank” just isn’t right. Anyway watch it for yourself and tell me what you think.

On a more positive note I saw the movie Trumbo, focusing on the time during the cold war when blacklists came into play, and it was absolutely amazing. Bryan Cranston never ceases to amaze me. Trumbo really makes you think about how terrible some Americans used to be treated because of their beliefs that were different than the majority. I never got bored during the movie because it kept presenting me with more questions to think about and reflect upon. It also helped that there was a lot of focus on writing and movies. There were an extreme amount of quotes and philosophy’s to take from this movie. Every character has positives and negatives, there is no truly good or bad character and the movie makes that clear. Trumbo is very honest and should be seen by everyone whether it be for entertainment, history, or a deeper look into the nature of humans. I just hope it’s up for an Oscar.

Thanks for reading.