Spindrift: A Wonderful Morning Surprise

I really wasn’t sure what I was going to write about this week until this morning when I opened up YouTube and saw a plethora of Captain America: Civil War trailer reviews. I was quite surprised and excited to see that it had come out. This is definitely one of my, and many other people’s, most anticipated movie of 2016… and rightfully so. Needless to say shit’s going down in the MCU. I just hope that this movie keeps the serious tone that we see in the trailer.

We get our first sighting of Black Panther (unless you saw the leaked photos) which was awesome. I love Black Panther’s look. He looks badass but not over the top or impractical, not that it matters when you’re watching a bunch of superhumans brawl to the death, but still. What we didn’t see though were Spider-Man and Ant-Man, although I do believe I saw some government workers walking away with Ant-Man’s helmet in one scene. I’m kind of glad that they’re keeping Spider-Man a bit of a secret for a bit though. We also didn’t see the villain, Crossbones.

What I’m really wondering though is whether or not characters like Thor, Hulk, or Dr. Strange are going to be in the movie. I’m sure that they’ll be mentioned in some way but to what extent I’m not sure. I’d also love to see a link to Guardians of the Galaxy or any of the marvel Netflix characters like Daredevil or Jessica Jones (which by the way I’m loving right now). We know it’s going to happen at some point it’s just a matter of when.

I’ve got to be honest though I’m still looking more forward to Batman V Superman and better yet, Suicide Squad. Like you know if you’ve read my articles, I’m just more of a DC guy.

If the movie can keep the same tone as the trailer while expanding on the characters and their relationships I can see this turning out to be one of the best Marvel movies of all time.

Thanks for reading.