Spindrift: True Detective and Fantastic Four

I’ve got two things that I want to talk about this week. The first being the second season of True Detective, and the second being the new Fantastic Four reboot.

Let’s start with True Detective. The most common thing that I see is people comparing it to season 1 and disliking the show because it didn’t live up to the first season. I personally disagree. I really enjoyed both seasons for different reasons. They were very different from each other and that’s okay. I’ll admit that at times season 2 could be a bit sloppy and hard to understand sometimes but the show made up for those mistakes. Ray was a really fleshed out and interesting character and was my favorite part of the whole show. It was also cool seeing Vince Vaughn step out of his comfort zone and play a serious role. I noticed that some people didn’t enjoy the ending and I can’t understand why. It wrapped the story up pretty well and answered most of my questions without feeling too crowded.

SPOILERS AHEAD! I am glad that Taylor Kitsch’s character died in episode 7 because I feel like he didn’t really have a place in the end of the story. He just wouldn’t have fit in like the other characters did.  If this season was called something other than True Detective maybe people wouldn’t have held on to the first season so much and enjoyed this one more. If you haven’t seen True Detective I would highly recommend it.

Moving on to Fantastic Four. This may get me a lot of hate from some people but just hear me out. Critics were brutal to the new Fantastic Four movie and most people seem to hate it. I could easily please everyone by saying how bad it was and make jokes about it but that would just be me lying to you and myself. I walked out if this movie having really enjoyed it. I thought that it was very original. It was more of a horror sci-fi type movie rather than a super hero movie. I thought that the casting was great and while most people complained about the CGI I really didn’t mind it.  The Thing in particular looked fantastic. I think I understand why people didn’t like this movie. It was very different than most superhero movies that come out today. It had a darker tone and took itself more seriously. There were actually some really creepy scenes in there. I liked how at first their powers were actually a burden and their suits were designed to help them control their powers. There were definitely flaws here though. The ending of the movie was a bit rushed, but that’s no reason to hate the movie. A lot of people also hated Dr. Doom, but I actually liked his design. It was new and unique. I’m looking forward to the 2017 sequel and I can’t wait to see where the franchise goes.

Thanks for reading!