Gender, and It’s Relevant Place in Comics.

Resnik here…

I look through my Facebook news stream, and what do I see? A comic blog posted about Grant Morrison and his new take on Wonder Woman. At first, I wanted to know, because Morrison has made radical changes to titles, characters, and even entire universes. He has written the X-Men, Batman, Superman, JLA, Judge Dredd, Doom Patrol… The list goes on.

He has resurrected the multiverse in DC comics. He killed and brought back Batman. Now, he is going to redefine Wonder Woman by removing all masculinity from Amazons and the central character. He comments about changes the invisible jet to be shaped like a vagina. I don’t think it’s a joke either.

He proposed some radical removal of anything phallic and male from Amazon society, including towers.

This astonished me, as I look through my Facebook feed, I see more women talking about sports and competition (mostly seen as a male characteristic, but sorely mistaken). I see women posting pictures of their strength and their passion, and it’s not just their fashion sense. Heck, the MMA fighter Ronda Rousy makes a lot of men NOT want to step into the octagon.

Being a new father, I know first hand what kind of strength a mother has. Think women aren’t tough? Wrong. My wife held our 17 pound 5-month old son in her hands and folded a blanket with one foot. She did this with grace and agility, neither of which I possess, and still talked about anime with me (I recently introduced her to Wolf’s Rain).

To be honest, the last two generations have really done well to smash gender roles. Larger strides for fair wages, and competitive roles in the workplace environment, all bringing us closer to true equality.

It seems to write female characters that are stripped of all qualities that aren’t considered “feminine”, is a step back for us as a society of people that are striving for more equality.

I would take Grant Morrison’s remarks as comical, but he tends to be a loon, and not the type that rants and produces zero crazy. He is the type that, if he were the DM at your role playing games, he might just make you roll initiative if you look at him the wrong way, then turn you into a carrot.

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  1. I love Wolf’s Rain…. Also, I read the same interview with Morrison and I was wondering if he had a few ahead of time. I love that he wants Wonder Woman to be a strong female role model but it sounds like instead of fighting crime he’s going to have her baking cookies and raising kids. It sounds completely backwards and he should reevaluate his direction on this project.

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