Spindrift: Deadpool

We were treated to our first official Deadpool trailer this week. You may have been lucky enough to catch a bootlegged version from San Diego Comic Con, but now everyone gets to experience it in its full HD glory.

Ever since the horrific portrayal in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (and even before that) fans have wanted a true Deadpool movie, and I think we’re finally going to get it. Ryan Reynolds was, without a doubt, the perfect choice for Deadpool and his suit looks amazing.

Now I’ll be honest I really haven’t even experienced that much of Deadpool. I’ve read some comics and seen him in a couple of animated movies, but he’s a relatively new hero to me. The concept of Deadpool is just awesome in itself, and the possibility for jokes ripping on old superhero movies is insane. We were already treated to a hilarious Green Lantern joke which gets me excited to see what else they make fun of. I’m just glad that Fox is okay with Deadpool taking shots at their company. The fact that Deadpool will be rated R and holding nothing back is wonderful and completely necessary for the film.

I only wish that Deadpool could be a part of the MCU. At least they’re adding superheroes to the movie like Colossus which makes Deadpool actually feel like he’s in a world with other superheroes. We got Spider-Man into the MCU, so why not Deadpool. It’s already awesome enough that one day the Guardians of the Galaxy might come face to face with the Avengers, but seeing Deadpool interact with the heroes of the MCU would be so entertaining.

A problem that I’ve had with Marvel in the past is that sometimes they don’t take things serious enough and turn a lot of things into a joke like the Mandarin in Iron Man 3. That was one of my problems with Avengers: Age of Ultron. The constant jokes in the middle of a battle that could literally determine the fate of the world really made me lose some interest. With characters like Deadpool though it’s not out of place to make jokes because that’s the basis of the character. Marvel finally has a reason to barrage us with jokes in a movie.

That’s why I prefer DC movies, for the most part. I just prefer a more serious/dark tone. Deadpool isn’t just all jokes though. Some of the fight scenes in this trailer were brutal. This definitely isn’t going to be as kid friendly as something like Ant-Man, in fact it’s not going to be kid friendly at all, and that’s the way it needs to be. Were finally getting a mature superhero movie that holds nothing back and 2016 is already going to be incredible time for movies.

As always thanks for reading.