Spindrift: An Opinion on Mad Max

As many of you probably know, Mad Max is gaining an addition in the franchise on May 15 with Mad Max: Fury Road. The movie isn’t really considered a sequel or a reboot but another look into the universe of Mad Max. Considering the fact that I wasn’t even born when the first movies came out, I can’t tell you what it was like seeing them, at the time, but I asked my dad a few questions about it.

My dad is the biggest Mad Max fan I know and he collects The Road Warrior action figures. He was eleven when the first movie came out, thirteen when Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior came out, and sixteen when Mad Max: Beyond Thunder Dome came out. He told me that Road Warrior was a much bigger hit than Mad Max and was frequently brought up in conversation. My dad showed me the series a year or two ago and it has become a big inspiration of mine. The apocalyptic style of the movie and the gritty atmosphere fit perfectly.

The new movie seems to be taking this style to new heights. There is a very isolated feel with an almost orangish-brown tint to everything. The amazing creativity and madness (hence the title) adds so much to the experience. Tom Hardy has already agreed to do another three movies which gets me very excited to see where they take the franchise. Of course Mel Gibson’s performance will be missed playing the iconic Max Rockatansky, but I believe Tom Hardy will take on the role well. With today’s film-making technology, the car chases and battle sequences will be taken to completely new heights in Mad Max: Fury Road.

I can’t say that Mad Max is a series for everyone because of its very dark tones but if you can appreciate the series you may just fall in love with it. There are so many great things about the series and the originality and weirdness is spectacular. If you want to be involved in movie making there is a great deal to learn from these films: from the special effects to the acting. I’m also very glad that they are staying true to the series by keeping an R rating and a dark, isolated tone. Despite staying true to the original films, Fury Road seems to be bringing its own style to the table too.

The official trailer came out recently and it has me more excited than ever, especially since May is right around the corner! It has easily become one of my most anticipated movies of the year and I’m exited to see what’s to come. I can only hope that the movies is financially successful so that it can continue in the future.

A lot of series have been rebooted, recently, and I hope Mad Max ends up being one that is better than the original (if possible). I’m okay with changes made to the series if the director thinks that they will benefit the franchise, overall. Change can be good and some series need it to stay fresh. As long as Fury Road doesn’t stray too far from the path, it should be great.

If you’re interested in checking out the series I would definitely start with the first movie or Road Warrior. It can be fun for audiences from current or past generations and is a must see for movie buffs. Check it out sometime!