Dawn of the Proto-Nerd: The True History if the World

[Note: This article does not, necessarily, represent the beliefs of Doc Palindrome, Gateworld Media, or any associated brand. I’m not saying it absolutely does not represent said beliefs, I’m just saying not necessarily. – The Management]

Okay, now, to me, nerdiness sometimes encompasses areas that seem, well, downright quirky. I am not a techie nerd,or a gamer nerd, not even a comic nerd, though I love that aspect of my life. My area of expertise is metaphysics and alternate histories, After 40+ years of research and studying, I am going to give a brief overview of the last hundred thousand years or so. You have been lied to! Over and over, nothing is quite what it seems. In a future column i will explain why ALL conspiracies are true, and why the evidence shows that mankind and dinosaurs existed at the same time. But this is about History…the true story of humankind.

A hundred thousand years ago two other continents existed. In the Pacific Lemuria or Mu, known as the Motherland in Hindu Legend, and in the Atlantic, the infamous continent of Atlantis. A simple web search of Nan Modal, should clear up doubt about Mu. Atlantis is a sticky wicket, because although there is a plethora of evidence; i.e., roadways under water off the coast of Bimini, buildings under water off the coast of Cuba, and the book of Mormon, well. it is the rare scientist that accepts these things as proof. The fact that Plato talked about it, and heard about it from his grandfather Solon, who learned it from the Egyptians, does not sway them. I have been to Egypt and the history of Atlantis is written in several temples in hieroglyphics, but what do they know? So for now just accept my premise—it existed!

The continent of Lemuria/Mu sank beneath the waves around 26,000 years ago, as new mountain ranges rose up, such as the Andes. Remnants of their writings and symbology, are elucidated in the books of James Churchward. Easter Island, the Hawaiian Islands and Mt. Shasta were all a part of that continent/Island chain. Immigrants from there went to the continent of Atlantis and set up a culture that rose to astonishing heights. They used a greater capacity of their brains and lived in harmony for most of their history. They were open-hearted and allowed a group of beings to settle there that were extremely left-brained. Some have suggested that they were left over from a collapsed civilization on Mars, or that they were the infamous big-eyed Greys that have been accused of abducting humans for the last 50 years. They lacked empathy and thought all problems could be solved through science (does that sound familiar?).

A rift split their society, in legend this would be the Children of the Light versus the Children of the Darkness! About this time, the Vela super Nova occurred….for hundreds of years Earthlings watched as gigantic shards of that star system careened toward Earth. Certain enlightened members of Atlantis saw the writing on the that wall, and made plans to save as much of their wisdom and culture as they could. Remember these were the days when the giant mammals still existed, you know, the giant bears, sabertooth tigers, mammoths, etc..

Scientists feel that huge pieces of Vela shot through our solar system, our moon possibly being one of them! (rocks from the Moon ARE much older than the Earth—theories that the Moon was once a part of Earth are plain silly!). Evidence of this cataclysm are that a moon orbiting Saturn is 90 degrees off vertical, huge scars across Mars and other planets, that Venus spins in the opposite direction of the other planets and Earth was tilted off its axis by 23+ degrees. Yes that occurred only 13,000 years ago! The evidence is irrefutable. This caused the tectonic plates to slide across the planet, sending huge waves (some a mile high) racing across the Earth. All of the Great mammals were wiped out in one fell swoop! Caves have been found in the north Pacific containing tens of thousands of bones from species of many different climates.

Huge waves of this nature would have caused the scarring that we credit to the “Ice Age theory” , scarring that only goes in one direction! An Ice sheet would have scarred in both directions, once spreading down, once falling back. And really!!! We have found Wooly Mammoths with undigested Marigolds in their bellys, do you really think they couldn’t outrun a slow moving sheet of Ice! This cataclysm wiped out Atlantis, possibly moving southward, perhaps under the ice of Antarctica is where we will find this ancient civilization.

So the wise elders of Atlantis saved their civilization as the Egyptians, Mayans, and Incas. How else do you explain that these groups appeared on the scene at their height and then degenerated? Because of the shift of the axis. sunrise and sunset changed. Solstices and Equinoxes occurred, and temples were built to reflect this. The psychological effect on the human race was stunning—we literally shut down, and regressed into primitivism. And are only now starting to reawaken! This cataclysm is recorded around the world in legend and myth as the war of the Gods in heaven and the Great Flood.

I will talk more at a future date in more detail about aspects of this epic catastrophe, for now I will leave the story of our journey here. Any Questions?