Things I Noticed Last Week – 3.16.2014

Well, we’re back for another week and with it, another opportunity for me to put you to sleep. So here goes nothing.

1. Let’s start by touching on something I spoke about last week, The Walking Dead. Now before you go throwing more bottles and rocks at me, I can honestly say I have enjoyed this season thus far. The first episode was pretty cheesy in my opinion, but since that point, I think it has been pretty entertaining and I’m excited for where this is heading.

But this is not where I’m going with this. I promise I will not be devoting large chunks of this each week to my feelings on TWD; I did feel however, it was worth commenting on the announcement of a prequel: The Crawling Dead (Not really, but maybe someone should pitch it to AMC. Also, I’m positive I’m not the first person to come up with this incredibly unfunny joke, if it can even be called one.).

Yes everyone’s favorite zombies will be getting an origin story. Robert Kirkman talks like the only “prequel” thing about it will be the origins of the outbreak and then presumably it becomes a companion piece to TWD. The show, under the working title Cobalt, will star Kim Dickens and Cliff Curtis, while being set in Los Angeles.

I guess my initial question is why Los Angeles? Sure it’s a bigger metropolitan area than Atlanta and it’s a different coast, but why not Idaho or Maine?

My point here being: wouldn’t it interesting to see this story told in a rural area? The population would have more time to prepare, after all they will be watching the events unfold on news networks from major cities, they’d arguably have larger stockpiles of weaponry, and don’t forget all the farm equipment! Remember the lawn mower scene from Dead Alive?

The prospect of another TWD show in what could be essentially be the a mirror image of the original is a giant snooze-fest if you ask me. Picture the first batch of zombies moving their way into the wilderness of Maine. They are trudging through snow, coming up on well established bases constructed by the locals because they have seen what has happened to New York City, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. Give me the story of the doomsday preppers who have been ready for something like this. The internal struggle of communities with the people who didn’t believe they would fall victim, this was a “city” problem; and the people who are well stocked with weapons, food, and well fortified structures. Our protagonists would not just have to deal with zombies, but bears and frostbite.

Who am I though? I’m just the guy who lies about quitting the show. I probably know nothing and ultimately will I watch this show? You betcha.

2. I just watched Inside Llewyn Davis. What a great film. Are the Coen Brothers capable of making something that isn’t great? I guess I ask that rhetorically, but if you have an answer, I’d love to hear it.

I don’t have much to say on this, as I’m very much behind the times. I’m not entirely sure why it took me so long, especially since I’ve been a huge admirer of Joel and Ethan for years. I have no excuse and I’m ashamed. Don’t waste time like me, see this film!

Also, Oscar Isaac is really, really good at acting. Where’s he been?

3. Apparently an all male cast Ghostbusters reboot is in the works. It will reportedly star Channing Tatum and Chris Pratt. I certainly feel like this could have tons of potential but I’m saddened at the same time. Is the studio caving to the pressure of the anti-female Ghostbusters crowd?

There are reports both films could take place within the same world, but why? Couldn’t the female fronted film be just as good if not better? If you don’t find Kristen Wiig hilarious, I’m not sure we can be friends. (We can be friends, but really she’s super funny!)

I’m just puzzled by this whole thing. Is the Wiig-led film not expected to be profitable enough without a male-led companion piece? The general public has completely lost their mind every time the subject of a beloved pop-culture icon being portrayed by someone of a different gender or race; is this the way to please everyone? I say forget the haters and let’s give the female Ghostbusters a chance.

4. Details are starting to come out about the television sequel to the Evil Dead series (not the recent one, the original trilogy), Ash vs Evil Dead. Bruce Campbell is set to reprise his role as Ash, while Lucy Lawless (yes that Lucy Lawless) is signed on to costar.

The original trilogy was so much fun and Campbell is the perfect chainsaw armed hero. I’ve always felt it a shame he doesn’t get more leading man work. If you haven’t seen My Name is Bruce, drop everything and go do so now.

The one problem I see is the show will be premiering on the Starz network. I don’t have Starz, I don’t know anyone who has Starz, and the extra cost added to my nonexistent cable service is just not feasible. If you read this (you know who you are, you’re the only person other than my mom) and know someone who works for the great people at the Starz network, let them know I would forever be indebted to them if they could hook me up with press copy of the show. I promise I would say great things about their network.

5. There’s a new Star Wars film coming out this year. I guess you already knew that. Just announced however, Rian Johnson will be given the reigns for Episode VIII and it looks like Episode IX as well. Sure, he doesn’t have the same level of credibility many would give Episode VII director J.J. Abrams, but Johnson is no slouch. Johnson can’t match Lost, Star Trek, and Felicity (Abrams was one of the creators of Felicity, I’m not kidding, look it up.) but if you haven’t seen Brick or Looper do so. (I’m very demanding this week.) Also, is this announcement suppose to lead me to believe Joseph Gordon Levitt could join the cast? I for one would not complain.

6. Kevin Smith is apparently making Clerks 3 and Mallrats 2. I’d like to be part of the group who rejoiced over this but I’m just not. His films are like a constant inside joke I don’t get and have no desire to find my way in to. I liked the original Clerks but not as much for the storyline as for what Smith went through to get the film made and how different it was. Everything else he’s made just hasn’t really done anything for me. I know I must be missing something because his fan base is very devoted. I can’t take away from Smith his passion for cinema and in many ways he is one of the good guys making movies today, but I just can’t get excited for either of these films. (Please refrain from throwing bottles and rocks this week.)

7. I don’t think anything makes me laugh harder than It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. I legitimately belly laugh at every episode. How has this show not won any Emmy’s? Sure the characters are unlikeable but were the characters on Seinfeld warm and fuzzy? I can understand the awards not giving recognition to the group because they aren’t exactly household names, but Danny DeVito is and Charlie Day is well on his way. I guess in many ways it makes the show more endearing. It’s like a dive bar only you and your friends go to, where the service sucks but you can basically do whatever you want when you’re there. (I hope that other person got the reference because I know my mom didn’t.)

Recently Rob McElhenney was featured on the podcast WTF with Marc Maron, and McElhenney and Glen Howerton were featured on the Nerdist podcast with Chris Hardwick. Both interviews were really funny and merit a listen. I think after doing so you’ll be even more endeared to them. If you aren’t, go become an Emmy voter.

Thanks for reading and see you next week!