Spindrift: Is Spiderman Going to Replace Iron Man?

A new Spiderman: Homecoming trailer was released this week, and many people have had strong opinions on how Spidey’s costume has had a huge tech upgrade. It seems like Iron Man has added a feature to Spiderman’s suit similar to Jarvis. Many people seem unhappy with this change, and I can understand why, although I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. I want to see how it effects the movie and how it changes the character of Spiderman. To me the upgrade makes sense though. Why wouldn’t Iron Man upgrade the Spiderman costume? He obviously wants to protect Peter Parker and make him as efficient as possible. Regardless of wether or not fans like the change, it does make sense to the story. To me it seems like Spiderman is being set up to replace Iron Man in the future of the franchise. We know that the stakes are high in Infinity War, and I recently wrote an article about how I think that Captain America will die and be replaced by either Winter Soldier or Falcon. Could Iron Man also be killed in Infinity War and be replaced by Spiderman? Of course when I say Spiderman will replace Iron man I don’t mean that completely literally. I think Spiderman will remain in his own costume and continue to use his powers, but I do think he’ll fill the void of Iron Man’s personality and dynamic with the other heroes. He could even have a plethora of suits similar to Iron man, and I  could definitely see Spiderman being the funny, sarcastic, tech guy. It feels like a natural progression to me. We also don’t get to see Spiderman lose Uncle Ben, so could Tony Stark be the new Uncle Ben moment for Spiderman? I certainly wouldn’t be surprised. Are you okay with Spiderman’s tech upgrades? Let me know in the comment. As always, thanks for reading.