Spindrift: Will Video Game Adaptations Benefit more from Television?

Movies based on video games have a record of being pretty lackluster. Regardless of the negative reviews video games continue to be adapted into movie form. Now Netflix has announced that a Witcher TV series is coming. Could TV be e better medium for video game adaptations?
I think one of the problems with video games turned into movies is that too much is trying to be crammed into what usually end up being around two hours. The games that are usually adapted are packed with lore that can’t be well described in two hours, while still being tan entertaining movie. A TV series easily corrects this problem by giving the creators much more time to tell the story. The Witcher is a great choice for Netflix’s starting point. The Witcher’s story, and even side quests, have always been known for their stellar writing. I also think Netflix is a better platform for grabbing new audiences attention. It’s much more likely for someone unfamiliar with The Witcher to check out an episode on Netflix, than to go out to the theatre and watch a movie. You could even watch the show on a PS4 or Xbox One, and moments later be playing the game.
Do you think video games adaptations will find greater success through TV? Tell me in the comments. Thanks for reading.