Spindrift: Final Thoughts Before Seeing Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Well the first reviews for Batman V Superman are out and it’s being hammered.

At the time of writing this article it sits at a 41 percent on rotten tomatoes. This doesn’t completely surprise me due to Man of Steel getting a far too low 56 percent. Let’s remember though that the percentages on rotten tomatoes aren’t really scores, they’re just percentages of people who said the movie was good or bad. So right now if you and three other friends go to see Batman V Superman. At least one or two of you will like it according to rotten tomatoes. This is what I don’t understand though. From what I’ve heard so far the plot is sloppy and the action is great, but wait a minute, sharknado has an 82 percent on rotten tomatoes. Yes, shark fucking nado has an 82 percent. Something tells me that rotten tomatoes might be a bit flawed. Oh yeah and Sharknado 2 has a 59. That’s higher than both Batman V Superman and Man of Steel. I can’t really defend Batman V Superman in any way though because I haven’t seen the movie yet. The day this article comes out I’ll be seeing it and I’ll probably give everyone my thoughts on it on Monday. Ill tell you my honest opinion when I’ve seen the film but I definitely don’t think it’s going to conform to everyone else’s views on it.

Thanks for reading.