Things I Noticed Last Week – 6.1.2015

So after a week off, I’m revitalized and ready to go. I don’t have as much to talk about this week as I wasn’t as connected as usual. I’m sure that slithering buffoon, Jesse Edmond, will apologize for me again.
1. Netflix has broken the mold. Known for creating a culture in love with entertainment binges, their new series Between, a show about a mysterious town where everyone over 22 dies, is running one episode per week. Depending on the show’s success, this could drastically change the Nextflix business model.
The series on a whole isn’t great. The acting is lackluster and to this point (2 episodes in) essentially nothing of any significance has happened. Why should I continue to tune in? I’m not sure if I need to elaborate on why this week to week model is a bad idea, especially with an inferior show, but there are so many things not working here.
First, the reason people have fallen in love with Netflix is the ability to sit in your pajamas for hours on end and watch until your heart’s content. The whole point of instant viewing is the whole “instant” thing. People are fleeing cable companies en masse because they’d prefer to watch their favorite shows all at once without commercials. If I have to wait until next week and watch television the traditional way, I might as well choose a more traditional method to receive content.
Second, why would they pick this show to run week to week. With so many great shows compelling enough to entice you to tune in the next week, you pick a dull one with no star power and expect it to succeed? Would I tune in to watch Kevin Spacey play Frank Underwood on a once a week basis? Absolutely. I would tune in to watch one episode a year. Without an actor, an exciting plot, or really good cliffhangers, why do I want to even come back next week? The show reminds me a lot of The Walking Dead. You watch 41 minutes of nothingness culminating in a crazy last minute and a massive cliffhanger, except with Between, they never added that last minute. It’s just nothingness from start to finish.
Lastly, why does it look like amateur hour? It’s not crafted all that well in every aspect. The writing is poor, the acting is poor, and the overall look is not as polished as it could be. As a self-proclaimed Netflix Fanboy, I’m definitely disappointed by this one. I had high hopes, and maybe things will change, but right now I’m less than enthused.
2. I only recently found out about the film Aloha. Why was there such little promotion for a film directed by Cameron Crowe starring Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams, Bill Murray, John Krasinski, Danny McBride, and Alec Baldwin? I guess it could be because the film isn’t very good. The reviews have been atrocious and I don’t know anyone who has seen it. I wonder if there is an effort from studios to bury a film they know is terrible? I’ll still probably see it at some point, if it’s worth comment I’ll let you know.
3. Betsy Palmer passed away. With dozens of credits to her name, there is one she will always be remembered for, Mrs. Voorhees in Friday the 13th. If you haven’t seen the film **SPOILER ALERT** contrary to popular believe, the hockey masked killer Jason does not appear in this film. His mother played by Palmer is the star and she stars the bloodshed at Camp Crystal Lake. The original was the best of the series and integral in the massive popularity of slasher films in the 80’s. Don’t give the credit where it isn’t due, this one wasn’t about a mask, the original was all Palmer.
Sorry for a weak week, next week will be better… hopefully.
Thanks for reading and see you next week!