Spindrift: Witcher 3 and Conflicts in Westeros

Before we get started I’d like to mention a friend of mine, Nate Hughes, who recently put out a very powerful short film. If you’ve got the time, it’s definitely something that you should check out. It tells a lesson that everyone should be more aware of, and take notice of. Its obvious by watching it that a lot of thought and hard work was put into it.   It can be found here.

For those of you who don’t know, a game called Witcher 3 came out on May 19. For fans of the RPG genre of gaming this was a much anticipated release. I had never played the previous two Witcher games, but that didn’t stop me from playing this one. I can honestly say this is my favorite game from this generation.

Witcher 3 has a world that seems very alive, and the characters in it actually react to situations around them. It’s a raw game that holds nothing back and lets the player decide what to do with the main character, Geralt.

The main premise of the game is that a Witcher, or monster hunter named Geralt, is in search of a girl named Ciri who is like a daughter to him. He must gain knowledge of her whereabouts by traveling the land and questioning its people.

Not only is the main story interesting, but there is an extensive amount of rich and enduring side quests. The game not only rewards you with weapon and currency, but also rewards you emotionally after looking into the lives of these characters. The game requires difficult life-like decisions that will decide later outcomes in the game.

I have not personally beaten the game yet, but I’m already completely attached to the world’s characters and storylines. If you own a PC, Xbox one, or PS4 I would definitely recommend giving Witcher 3 a chance.

Moving on to another enduring fantasy world, let’s talk about Game of Thrones. If you are not caught up to last week’s episode, I would consider not reading this due to spoilers. Last week’s episode “The Gift” was, in my opinion, one of the best episodes of the season, but maybe that’s just because Cersei is finally being brought to justice.

In “The Gift” we had to say goodbye to one of our friends at the wall; Master Aemon. This was a very odd death for Westeros due to the fact that it was brought on by natural cause. Master Aemon was very old, so of course his health was failing him. Aemon was also a very different character than the rest of the cast because he actually gave up the Iron Throne! This is something most other characters wouldn’t do.

I can only imagine how devastated Jon Snow is going to be once he comes back from his wildling journey. On a brighter note, Tyrion and Jorah (two of my favorite characters) finally made it face to face with the great Khaleesi herself hence the title “The Gift”. This could go amazingly well for the pair, or terribly wrong.

In Jorah’s case I don’t really think it matters though since he’s already facing a slow death. On the other side of the world, a different Lannister is not having such a great time. That’s right, tables were flipped last Sunday as Cersei Lannister was put in jail by the man doing her dirty work.

How much better could this be? Looks like I’ll just have to wait and see if Cersei can squeeze her way out of this one.

Oh yeah, and Management, you’d better watch out. Samwell Tarly’s not the only one with hidden strength.

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