Spindrift: Big Change is coming to Marvel

Fans of Marvel have been awaiting Marvel’s mega film “Infinity War” for a long time now. It’s starting to become more and more clear that this film, along with the untitled Avengers film following it, will really shake up the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I wanted to take a look at some of the hints Marvel has been dropping recently.
The first thing that really caught my attention was when it was stated that the Spiderman sequel will take place minutes after the untitled Avengers movie. This leads me to believe Spiderman is going to be a big player in the future of Marvel, and responsible for taking a leadership role after the Avengers films. It was also announced that the untitled Avengers movie is the end of Marvel’s 22 movie arc, which makes the Spiderman sequel the beginning of the second arc. It’s becoming more apparent to me that Marvel is most likely trying to wipe most of the slate clean of their original characters like Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Etc… This leads to the question of who the main Marvel heroes will be in arc 2. Like I said earlier, Spiderman is definitely one of the obvious choices. I wrote a whole article on how I think Spiderman is being set up to replace Iron Man. The next obvious choices to me are Black panther, Ant Man, The Wasp, Captain Marvel, and Doctor Strange. Along with those are Scarlett Witch, Falcon, Winter Soldier, and maybe the Guardians of the Galaxy, although I’m still unsure what Marvel wants to do with the Guardians. I also don’t know what will happen to Vision, because it seems to me that he has to die for Infinity War to happen, considering he has an Infinity Stone in his forehead. These characters will probably be the be pioneers of Marvel in arc 2. If any characters from the original Avengers lineup will survive I would guess Black Widow, Thor, and Hulk would be at the top of that list. I think Nick Fury will probably stick around too. So what do you think of my predictions? Did I forget any characters? What characters do you predict to lead arc 2? Thanks for reading.