Spindrift: A Solid Reboot


I saw the new Power Rangers movie and wanted to give some thoughts on it, but first I’ll take you through my history of Power Rangers.

I was never a huge Power Rangers fan as a kid, but I was familiar with the franchise. I remember watching one movie in particular, Power Rangers Turbo, countless times. I did watch some of the TV series too, but not an extensive amount. When I heard that Power Rangers was getting rebooted, I was excited about the potential. A more realistic and gritty version of Power Rangers sounded great, and after seeing the movie, iI’m pretty happy with what we got.

Where most reboots and blockbuster movies focus on the action, Power Rangers focuses on characters. For the most part of this movie, you’re getting to know these characters and watching them bond. I found each Ranger to be interesting and like able in their own way. They’re diverse and believable. The villain, Rita Repulsa, isn’t as fleshed out but served her purpose in the film in a mediocre way. Bill Hader and Bryan Cranston were great as Alpha Five and Zordon, and i felt that they were utilized well in the film. As predictable as a Power Rangers movie may seem, actually felt unpredictable at times. There were little unexpected plot points that made the experience feel more fresh, and that was great. The movie also felt much more mature than the original series, and I’m not sure the target audience is kids anymore. Overall the foundation here is great, and more Power Rangers movies are very welcome with me. Thanks for reading.