Spindrift – What’s Happening to Movie Posters?

Movies as a whole have been getting a bit generic lately, and one of many aspects that come along with that are boring movie posters. Every poster for the big Hollywood movies looks the same now. It’s like everyone uses the same formula. Throw the face of the most recognizable actor onto the poster and lay the title of the movie and maybe a tagline over it. Of course there are some exception, like how Star Wars is still coming gout with decent posters similar to their old stuff, but everything is mostly the same. I’m going to look at the posters for movies this week and try to show you what i mean. Keep in mind I’m talking specifically about the posters as i have not seen any of these movies.

Lego Batman: This poster is all right. Just a compilation of characters that we know to draw attention It’s really just using something that is already established and loved to get people to look at it.

Fifty Shades Darker: This poster fucking sucks, but no one should be surprised based on the content of the movie.(i’m reading over my article again and realizing that this isn’t even the worst one. I may have been a bit harsh.) This poster still should’ve been more exciting regardless. Really the best they could do was have the two actors pose as if their at some dance? There’s nothing more creative they could have done?

John Wick Chapter 2: This one really disappoints me. A movie like this should have had a much cooler poster. But again, you get the main actor face as the focus point. At least the colors were interesting.

Rings: This further proves my point. The most recognizable character from rings with a tagline across it. i have nothing more to say, much like how the poster says nothing about the movie.

The Comedian: I have no clue what this movie is, but the poster is all right. They took the generic character aspect, but made it interesting by adding the microphone to mix with the character. At least it shows a hint of creativity

The Space Between Us: Yeah this on doesn’t help. It kind of looks like if a couple high school students tried to make Interstellar or something. it’s just plain boring. The only relatively neat thing is that the C in space is a crescent moon.

A Dog’s Purpose: Who’s idea was this? It’s a dog…that’s it. Not even a full dog, just the face. Not even a particularly cute dog ether. This screams generic. Apparently the purpose of a dog is to make a shitty movie poster, although honestly a dog could do better.

Resident Evil: Final Chapter: This is getting very monotonous. Again we have the lead actor, with a tagline and the title. They had the decency to add minor effects, but this is still bad.

I’m going to stop there for the sake of my sanity. if you share my opinions on movie posters or have anything to add let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading.