Spindrift: Will Marvel Finally Get Over Their Fear of Killing Characters Off?

Marvel has been dominating the superhero movie market for a while now, and has put countless superheroes into the spotlight. Something that Marvel hasn’t had the courage to do yet though, is kill of a big character, specifically a hero.

Sure, Quicksilver died in Avengers: Age of Ultron, but let’s be honest, Quicksilver was an easy kill. Another version of the character already existed in the X-men franchise, and his death is a big part of Scarlet Witch’s character.

Marvel needs to pull a “Walking Dead premiere” on their fans.

Avengers: Infinity War is the perfect option to do it. They have been building up this threat of Thanos for years and if he doesn’t kill multiple heroes then there’s going to be a problem. Most of the actors portraying the original character have contracts that are running out, as well, so there is more than enough reason to do it. There are also so many different characters now in Marvel that killing off a couple won’t matter.

I just hope that they don’t kill off a bunch of characters then revive them in future movies. That is a sure fire way to make stakes feel incredibly low.

We’ll just have to see what marvel’s move is. Who do you think will die first?

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  1. Hawkeye! Come on! Kill Clint! It’ll be great!

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