Spindrift: Ben Affleck Won’t be Directing the Batman Movie, but That’s Okay…

Ben Affleck recently stated that he won’t be directing the new Batman movie.

His reasoning made sense and no one can really blame him. I’m not too worried about this though. Ben Affleck obviously plays batman and is a producer so he’ll still have plenty to do with the movie, he just won’t be the one taking it all head on. This also opens up the door for for someone new to leave their mark on the DC Universe.

I had a feeling that Ben wasn’t going to direct for a while now. You really don’t want someone going into a project like Batman when they already have a lot going on and can’t focus on one singular thing. This also opens up a cool conversation about who the new director may be.

You can leave your thoughts on that in the comments. Also tell me what you think about Affleck’s departure from the film. Thanks for reading.