Spindrift: DC, No More Extended Cuts

I love DC. Anyone who reads my articles will know that.

That being said I can’t help but call them out right now though. I watched the Suicide Squad extended cut. It didn’t have anything phenomenally big in it, but something hit me. One of my biggest problems with the movie was the lack of interaction within the squad. The extended cut had two of these scenes. Then I realized that this is the second time DC movies have taken out good and necessary scenes. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice had essential information cut out of the theatrical version. Now Suicide Squad had important character development taken out of it.

This absolutely needs to stop.

I love extended cuts, but if it means that the theatrical releases will struggle then I can’t support that. Warner Brothers needs to stop fucking with director’s visions. Just let it be.

Wonder Woman is the next chance DC has to get this right. Please, please do not cut out vital information from the theatrical release.

Thanks for reading.