Spindrift: Creative on Twitch – An Unappreciated Art

Twitch is known for its gaming streams, but many people don’t realize what else it has to offer. The creative section on twitch is filled with wickedly talented people waiting for an audience to find them. I browsed the creative section the other night and found a huge array of talented people. You can find any one from an extremely talented pianist, someone cooking food for their cat, a guy playing guitar and something that looks like a mix between a tortoise shell and a man hole cover with more emotion than most famous artists today, or two people just goofing around and making you feel a sense of community. I recommend finding a channel with a very small amount of viewers.

There’s a feeling of discovery when you find someone entertaining that not many other people have, like finding a hidden lake in a forest. There’s something about twitch that feels more intimate than any other media. That probably has to do with the active chat which lets you talk to these entertainers live, and have them respond back. It’s really special. I foresee live streaming to become much bigger in the future, with places like Facebook adapting their own versions of it. So go discover someone, or be discovered yourself. Thanks for reading.

Here are some of the channels that I found. Have a look.