Spindrift: Do Reboots Actually “Ruin Childhoods?”

Something that I commonly hear people saying on the internet is that certain reboots “ruin” their childhoods. I’ve always thought that this was kind of a stupid thing to say. Even if a new reboot comes out that you don’t like, or even hate, that doesn’t change the fact that what you saw as a kid is still in existence. It’s not like when the new Ghostbusters came out every copy of the original movie was destroyed. Just because Zach Snyder created a different version of superman doesn’t mean all of the other ones just disappeared. You can pick which one is your favorite and watch it. Michel bay didn’t ruin transformers and TMNT, he simply created another version to either hate or enjoy.

One of my favorite movies to watch as a kid was Pete’s Dragon. There’s a reboot of Pete’s Dragon coming out in august. Weather or not that movie is good doesn’t change the fact that I love the original Pete’s Dragon. Pete’s Dragon could be horrendous (although I actually think it will be good) and I would have no different feeling towards the original that I watched as a kid.

I’m not saying that you can’t hate reboots. That’s absolutely fair. Just don’t say that they ruined your childhood. If you really like something that much and another version is created that shouldn’t detract from your love for the original. If that were the case, you wouldn’t have actually loved it to begin with. So please, when Hollywood inevitably remakes one of your favorite childhood movies do not say it “ruined” your childhood.