Spindrift: My Thoughts on Game of Thrones – Season 6 (Warning: Spoilers)

I told myself that I wouldn’t write an article on Game of Thrones until the end of the season because it forced me to be more creative trying to find something to write about every week. Now that the season is over I can finally tell you my thoughts. Many people have claimed that this is the best season so far and I can’t say that for sure because I’d have to watch every season back to back to decide on my favorite, but it definitely could be.

What I noticed this season was that things that happened in the first few seasons started wrapping back around and tying into the story. For example, the return of the Hound, Jon Snow’s parental reveal, Benjin Stark, the Brotherhood Without Banners, and many more things.

This also seemed to be the season where the good guys actually started winning. We’ve gone through many seasons of watching good guys get slaughtered and finally the tides are turning. The finale did an excellent job at wrapping up story lines and setting up season 7.

I also noticed that if you pay very close attention to the show you can almost predict the future. Clues are all around some of them are just hard to find. Foreshadowing seemed very prominent this season. Things like the Mad King flashbacks in relation to Cersei and Ramsey’s comment about his dog are great examples of this.

The last two episodes were perhaps the best in the series and the battle in Episode 9 was one of the best medieval action sequences I’ve ever seen. It made up for some off-screen character deaths in previous episodes.

The music was also stellar as always and was very apparent in episode 10 when it set the tone for the whole blowing up of King’s landing.

Over all I loved this season and it got me really excited for what’s to come. Thanks for reading.