Spindrift: Creative Promoting

I’m always impressed when movies or any other entertainment use creative advertisements. This was obvious in Deadpool, with all of the hilarious ads. I think many fans appreciated the extra and it probably brought more people to the theaters.

Deadpool-Romance-750x400 1cf0d36ef448c13f7bfe806b36c8854a

Now a new comic book movie is trying the creative advertisement route. I’m of course talking about Suicide Squad. Recently a bunch of Suicide Squad posters were released showing off the characters with cartoonish flare. There’s also a really cool IMAX poster that shows a lucky charms looking cereal with the suicide squad characters in it. The normal poster is also very unique. There are also going to be music videos released in the weeks before the film from various artists. I just love the way that Suicide Squad is being advertised and it is still my most anticipated movie of the year. More so because of the advertisements. I really hope that comic book movies and non comic book movies do this more in the future. I’m tired of seeing the same old generic posters. If you want to see some of these ads I talked about check out these ones, below!

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d4a65bda5131bde968111034cce8f4f33537875d suicide-squad Suicide-Squad-Poster-June-2016