Spindrift: Captain America: Civil War

2016 seems to be the year that superheroes just can’t get along, and Captain America: Civil War reinforces that. I was looking forward to this for a couple of reasons. It was directed by the Russo Brothers, it’s a chance for Marvel to touch on some darker themes, and it introduces Spider-Man and Black Panther.

I enjoyed Civil War a lot, but had some issues with it. I loved the opposing viewpoints that were brought up and I appreciated the darker moments that weren’t ruined by comedy as they usually are in Marvel movies. The humor that was there was good and felt natural. The action was also spot on minus a few moments of shaky cam. The superheroes all felt unique to each other in the way that they fight and the special effects were great. Every hero had their moment in the movie. No one really felt shoehorned in for the sake of having even teams. I also really enjoyed Zemo even though I heard a lot of complaints from fans. He was a powerful symbol of something that I won’t mention due to spoilers.

The problems that I had were in the over all impact that I thought the movie had. There really wasn’t any thing in particular that was super powerful here. There were some emotional scenes but nothing ever quite got to me. Marvel didn’t do anything super ballsy because the formula that they’ve been using is working. The audience should feel like anything can happen and I didn’t get that here.

I do look forward to see what happens in the future due to the events in Civil War. I’ve got a few theories that have spawned fro this movie. I should also mention that I wasn’t super impressed by the post credit scenes. Usually they bring something really cool to look forward to but nothing really surprised me. As a whole Captain America Civil War was great and is probably one of the best Marvel Movies to date. Thanks for reading.