Spindrift: The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us came out in 2013, but I just recently played it for the first time. What I found was myself playing a profoundly interesting and layered game that has both good plot and gameplay elements. Usually I value gameplay more in videogames, but the Wolf Among Us showed me how invested I can get in a game’s plot. The story focuses on Fairy Tale characters and how they would live in the modern world. You play as the big bad wolf who is now the sheriff. The Wolf Among Us combined dark themes, childhood memories, and humor to create a game that I will never forget. Every major decision I made felt impactful and really allowed me to craft the kind of character that I wanted to play. I found most of the characters interesting in their own way and I enjoyed interacting with their different personalities.

The soundtrack and heavy use of neon colors and dark locations really set the mood. A dark and gloomy landscape with a bit of magic thrown in. the world felt unique and alive. I found the lore intriguing, and I was especially interested in the idea of the farm and glamours. The idea was that any creatures who couldn’t afford to buy magic called glamours to disguise themselves as humans were sent to a prison like farm. I wish the plot would have explored that aspect more. Perhaps if the game has another season added that idea can be fleshed out more.

Action portions of the game were intense and cinematically impressive. You often hear people say that videogames are like movies that can be played. I’ve never seen eye to eye with that idea, but The Wolf Among Us definitely reinforced it. It’s like those old choose your own adventure books, but with visuals. I can see two people coming out of the game with relatively different experiences.
​I can definitely recommend the game to any fans of story driven videogames or the idea of fantasy and reality clashing. I wouldn’t be surprised if I went back and played The Wolf Among us again, but with a different mindset when making decisions. If you have an Xbox the game is free this month, and even if you have a PS4 I’d say it’s easily worth the twenty five dollars.

Thanks for reading.