Spindrift: Looking back on Man of Steel

Man of Steel is one of my favorite superhero movies of all time. Some people had some problems with it that I never understood and I wanted to talk about it before Batman V Superman came out. People often complain about the massive amounts of destruction that came from Superman’s battle with Zod, but we can’t forget that the movie is called Man of Steel, not Superman, and that’s because kal-el hasn’t really gotten a grip on his powers yet. He’s still learning, and that was interesting to see. One of the focus points in Captain America Civil War is how much destruction the Avengers causes, so why don’t people complain about that? Hell, the Avengers have far more people to prevent destruction but they’re still leveling buildings. There’s far too much unwarranted rage pointed towards the movie in my opinion.

Man of Steel has one of the best scores of any superhero movie out there. I still listen to the theme song in the car and get chills. Can you imagine skydiving while listening to that theme song? Your brain might explode out of sheer awesomeness.

The cast was also phenomenal. Henry Cavil was born to play superman. With Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Russel Crow, and Kevin Costner supporting you couldn’t have gone wrong. One of the things I love about DC are the risks in cast choices and how much they pay off.

Superman in this movie was also the most relatable that he’s ever been. He actually reacted like a normal human would. He wasn’t the completely god-like figure like he’s portrayed as sometimes. And leave it to Zach Snyder to bring us some amazing action scenes. The fights were very impressive, filled with adrenaline and stunning visuals. Even if Batman V Superman is absolute shit it’s still going to be a ball seeing Superman throw Batman around like a toy.

Man of Steel also used an appropriate balance of comedy and drama. It didn’t overdue the comedy like Marvel sometimes does, but it wasn’t always dark. It struck a pretty good mix.

Regardless of what people say I’ll always see Man of Steel as an amazing film. Tell me your thoughts in the comments. Thanks for reading.