Spindrift: The Witch

I saw The Witch this week and I found myself enjoying it immensely.

I’ve never been a big fan of the Horror movie genre, but I found The Witch to be very enjoyable. There were no cheesy jump scares just tension filled scenes with creepy imagery. Every actor performed fantastically, even the child actors, and even with the odd 1600’s English, nothing felt fake.

The mood from this movie stayed true the whole time and made you feel immersed in the story. A very colorless pallet and fog lead the atmosphere to feel gloomy and sad. The Witch also felt very original and unique compared to the other horror movies I’ve seen. The film isn’t all about horror though as it builds on the characters and shows how the horrific events can change a family’s relationship.

The Witch is also Robert Eggers first movie which is very impressive. The camera work involved a lot of slow drags of the camera and let scenes play out in one shot rather than a multitude of cuts. The Witch also makes you question until the very end of the movie… and even after.

I was also very happy with the ending which is rare for me in horror movies. Even if you’re not a big horror fan you may find enjoyment in The Witch, or at the very least feel bit spooked and disgusted.

Thanks for reading.