Spindrift: The DC Cinematic Universe Expands

Kevin Smith hosted a half an hour Dawn of the Justice League special this Tuesday in which he highlighted what’s coming for the…wait, do I call it the DCU or DCCU. I’ll go with the latter. We received some new footage from the upcoming Wonder Woman movie, and most importantly a new Suicide Squad trailer.

​I was surprised at how much they showed of the 2017 Wonder Woman movie, and I really liked what they showed. It’s going to be interesting to see a movie in the DCCU that takes place long before Man of Steel. The small bits of action we saw looked entertaining and the overall feel was fresh and unique. I expect a trailer soon knowing that they already have a decent amount of footage.

Now let’s talk about what people really want to hear me say. I’ve been on board with Suicide Squad ever since its announcement. I loved the Comicon trailer and this one is no exception. While the first one was very serious and dark, this one keeps a similar tone but adds a level of comedy and just overall fun. We see more of each character’s personalities (especially Captain Boomerang and Harley Quinn). Harley Quinn is perhaps going to be the most intriguing and fun character in the movie. She’s insane and evil but lovable at the same time. It’s rare that a character is portrayed well that way. Harley isn’t the only interesting character though. Every character looks unique in their own way and adds a different dynamic. The Bohemian Rhapsody fit perfectly with the chaotic feel of the trailer. The way that the action was edited to flow with the song was especially cool. I appreciate that the villain of the film hasn’t been released yet although I believe that they will be reviled before the movie comes out. I was also surprised at the amount of the Joker that we got to see. Every shot of him is chilling and convinces me that he may be able to equal or even rise above Heath Ledger’s performance. Everything about Suicide Squad and the DC universe as a whole is looking bright. With two new movies expanding the lore this year I couldn’t be more excited.

Thanks for reading.