Spindrift: Star Wars and Bridge of Spies

Steven Spielberg proves us time and time again that he can make great movies, and Bridge of Spies is no exception. Tom Hanks also does a great job at his acting on par to his reputation. Bridge of Spies has fantastic dialogue that kept me entertained throughout its over two hour runtime. In a movie about a war that involves absolutely no fighting I’d say that that’s pretty necessary. Tom Hanks’ character was not only fun to listen to, but relatable.

Hanks’ character wasn’t the only intriguing one though. The Russian spy in this movie was very entertaining and his interactions with Tom Hanks were some of the best parts of the movie. I was impressed that they could take someone who most Americans would hate and make you care about him and what happens to him.

Steven Spielberg also captured what the Cold War would feel like quite well. There was definitely a sense of fear and secrecy. There are also some very memorable monologues and quotes that will make you think and possibly question your previous opinions. Any movie that keeps you thinking after the credits roll has succeeded regardless of how much money it earned, not that I think Bridge of Spies isn’t going to succeed financially. I do think that it’s worth mentioning though that this movie isn’t for everyone, and depending on your world views it’s entirely possible that you may relate to it more than somebody else. That being said I think that everyone should give this movie a shot, and will probably come out having learned something.

So after watching the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer 5 times (the fifth literally being before I typed this) I have come to my decision on how I think the new Star Wars will be…


Be aware that I’m not just saying this because I’m some hardcore Star Wars fan, who thinks that anything remotely related to George Lucas’s space opera is incredible, because I’m not. To be quite honest I’ve never been a huge fan of Star Wars. I enjoy the movies and respect what they’ve done to change cinema, but they’ve just never came across as the superb movies that everyone else thinks they are. I’ve got a few specific reasons why I think that the new movie will be amazing in mind and I’ll tell you them.

  1. J.J. Abrams is the director. I’ve loved Abrams’ work since I walked out of Super 8 four years ago. (Wow, I just looked that up on IMDb and I can’t believe it’s been that long). There is a certain magic that J.J. Abrams brings to his movies that I think will work wonders on the Star Wars universe. Also he’s a huge Star Wars fan so he’ll respect the series.
  2. There is a very diverse cast. There’s a lead female and African-American role…need I say more?
  3. Andy Serkis. For those of you who don’t know who Andy Serkis is he does a lot of motion capture acting. He portrayed Smeagol, King Kong, and Ceaser in Planet of the Apes. In Star Wars he is adding to his motion capture repertoire by playing a character named Supreme Leader Snoke. His character wasn’t seen in the trailers which makes it that much more exciting.
  4. The trailers didn’t give too much away. J.J. Abrams is great at giving us compelling trailers without giving away key plot points and revealing the best scenes and he continues to show is that in the Star Wars trailers.

If you agree with my thoughts on Star Wars or have any theories go ahead and comment.

Thanks for reading.